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Zest Wellness has offered 100% vegetarian, as close to nature products by innovation & research. Inheriting a year’s old legacy in herbal research enables Zest Wellness to develop a range especially for Indian health needs while being globally competitive in safety & performance.


Zest Wellness – A great enthusiasm and energy for Well Being Health.

  • Natural & Safe

    Natural & Safe

  • no side Effect

    No Side effects

  • Purity & Safety


  • Purity & Safety

    Purity & Safety

Plant-based Formulations

We Promise. We Deliver.

Zest Wellness works on premium botanicals & phyto-ingredients. The alchemy of herbs, which we formulate, is a result of precision, perfect understanding of ingredients and years of practice. We provide safe, natural and pure products. Our products have been made with purity of ingredients, social responsibility and environment protection.

How We Work
  • RESEARCH & INNOVATION:  Our formulas have been researched with proper documentation and accurate clinical data. We have been classified separate due to this from other providers.

  • PRODUCT FORMAT:  Zest Wellness provides tablets; capsules or powders forms of products and all have been formulated considering best delivery format to meet dosage requirements.

  • CERTIFIED QUALITY:   Each batch is tested for safety & health measures in

  • Purity for the Product:

    We are one of the few companies in India who provides colorless coating material for herbal tablets. As we provide pure vegetarian products, we don’t use any animal source. To maintain purity, there are no added metals in our products. Before finalization, we make sure all the products are tested for all compliances and with international safety standards.

  • Premium Packaging:

    We use premium packaging for our entire range of consumables. These also protect them from heat, light and moisture. We ensure that the packaging is environment friendly and safe.

  • Authenticity of Raw Materials:

    Best Ingredients and raw products are preferred with us. We use no genetically modified raw materials and work with handpicked suppliers. We work specially considering Dosage, Efficacy and Safety.

  • Social Responsibility:

    We urge upon using products which will be helpful to man kind in all ways, socially as well as physically. All are products are economical and can be used without thinking twice by anyone. We make use of top quality herbs with established active ingredients for consistency in results.

  • Positive Impact

    We are working with the Vendors and Companies to enable employment, encourage personal source of income and train the young youth to embrace this Ayurveda era of health. The ever-spinning wheel of life formed by the triangles is a constant across our

    packaging reiterating our commitment to help balance physical, mental and spiritual health for holistic living.

    A continuous urge to improve the performance of existing products & development of new products is a driving force for its experienced team of professionals. This combination has helped the company stay ahead in this competitive industry.

  • Where We Are:

    Large manufacturing capacity in Haryana, India. Primary motive is serving humanity with Ayurveda and also manufacturing: non-woven, plastic parts processing. We always assure that all our endeavors are directed towards achieving prime motto, which is to provide complete satisfaction to the clients.

    Our quality approved product range is playing a great role in our leadership repute which indeed helped us to garner that challenging requirements of our esteemed clientele from pharmaceuticals, hospitals, food industry, research institutes, laboratories, agro chemicals, chemicals, paint industry, hotel and catering industry. We have recruited trained professionals who lay emphasis on innovation and work hard to present new and improved product range for the long unmet client needs.

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